DU Admission Portal

Delhi University is indisputably one of the most prestigious universities in India.
It offers students all kinds of courses from Undergraduate to Postgraduate for
a variety of subjects. Even students from foreign countries can apply to study
at this university. 
DU Admission Portal has several links for

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MPhil, and PhD admissions. This article will
be helpful to students who are seeking admissions into Delhi University.


All the essential information regarding the admission and registration procedures is also available on this portal. Notices, guidelines, cut-offs,
merit lists, etc., are also provided on the information bulletin of
DU Admission Portal.




DU Admission Portal for Undergraduate Admissions

In order to apply for admissions into an undergraduate course in Delhi University, students must visit the Delhi University Website. Students can access the information related to the admission process, registration and latest updates from the information bulletin available on the portal.


The Undergraduate (UG) admission portal of DU caters specifically to the students who are seeking admission into an undergraduate course in D.U. Some important points to remember while using this portal are:


  • Registration on the portal is mandatory.
  • Students may face some issues during the process of registration as a large number of students simultaneously register to the portal. 
  • Students must pay the registration fees before the deadline.
  • The registration is integrated for all types of courses.
  • The students who have registered for admissions will be considered for admission into all the merit-based courses. This rule applies to all the colleges under Delhi University. However, students must fulfil the eligibility conditions for admission. 

Registration on DU Admission Portal

Students who are looking to register on DU Admission Portal can follow the below steps:


1.    Visit the official admission page of the Delhi University Website by clicking on http://www.du.ac.in/du/uploads/COVID-19/admissions.html.

2.    Click on the “U.G. Admission Portal” button.

3.    Click on the option that says “New User, Sign Up”.

4.    Provide all the necessary details in the given fields.

5.    After signing up click the “Register User Login” button.

6.    Fill up the form that appears by providing all the necessary personal and educational information.

7.    Select the program or course.

8.    Upload all the necessary documents.

9.    Look at the preview of the application form and make sure that there are no errors on the application form.

10.Move on to the payment page to complete the registration process.

11.The system will complete the registration process after the successful payment process. 

DU Admission Portal Login Guide

The students who have registered for the admissions into a U.G. course in D.U. can log in to their registration page. To log in to this page, students can follow the steps below:


1.    Visit the official page U.G. admission portal of the Delhi University website, or click on https://ug.du.ac.in/.

2.    Applicants will see a form on the screen where they have to provide the details of the registered email address and password.

3.    Fill the captcha on the screen.

4.    After providing the necessary details, click on the “Login” button.

5.    The portal will redirect the Students to their registration user page.


If you face any issues with the login process, check the login troubleshooting guide before contacting the helpdesk of DU Admission Portal.

DU Postgraduate Admission Portal

DU Postgraduate admission portal is specially designed for students seeking postgraduate admissions. Registration for a P.G. courses can be done on this Portal. Students must ensure to go through all the necessary information on the Admissions Portal to apply for a postgraduate course. 


Students can view vital information regarding the P.G. Admissions, eligibility criteria, important dates, etc on this Portal. The registration process for P.G. Admissions is the same as that for the U.G. Admissions. The P.G. students can complete the registration for P.G. Admission only through this Portal.

D.U Admission Portal for MPhil and PhD Courses

Delhi University has an exclusive portal for M.Phil and PhD programs. This Portal has all the essential information for students seeking M.Phil or PhD admissions into D.U. Students can refer to this Portal to check any important information, dates, etc. regarding the admission. The registration form can be filled in the same manner as that for U.G. and P.G. courses.

D.U. Foreign National Admission Portal

Foreign nationals who wish to seek admissions into
D.U. can do so from the D.U Foreign National Admission portal. There are three
different categories that foreign nationals are granted admissions into D.U.
Below are the details. 

  • Self-financing Students
  • ICCR Scholarship Schemes 
  • Casual Affiliation

The process for registration of courses for foreign
nationals is similar to the process for Indian citizens. The link of the DU foreign national admission portal is 

Registration Process on Delhi University Website

Self-financing Student Registration for International Students

Foreign students who are self-financing their education and looking for  admissions in DU can follow the steps below to register on Delhi University Official Website:

      1.    Visit the FSR portal of the official DU website, or click on http://fsr.du.ac.in/.
 2.    Follow the same steps as the registration for UG courses in DU.

ICCR Students Registration:

 Foreign ICCR students looking for admissions in DU can follow the steps   below to register:

   1.  Visit the official ICCR website by clicking on https://www.iccr.gov.in/
 2.   Follow the registration process from this website for admission into DU.

Casual Affiliation

Foreign nationals looking to study a short duration course can opt for Casual Affiliation. These students can apply for a semester or two in DU through the international relations office of DU.  International students can also enroll in a
course in a University in their home country.  A letter of recommendation will be required from the Director or Head of the University that they are currently enrolled in. This letter should clearly state whether a transfer is necessary or not.

Delhi University Website for Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual learning environment or VLE is an environment available online learning program with several e-resources available. These e-resources cater to many disciplines and courses in undergraduate and postgraduate level at Delhi University. The VLE is an initiative that has been taken up by the University at the Institute of Life-Long Learning.


Delhi University Website of VLE  provides resources that address the various needs of the teacher-student community. The content of the lessons on VLE has been specially developed by the faculty members of the University who are highly qualified and experienced in virtual learning programs.


The fellows and experts in the particular discipline oversee the content and edit the lessons and make sure that the content on VLE platform is of high quality. 


The content undergoes several stages of peer review as well as academic vetting. Through VLE, students are also exposed to a new form of learning through technology. There is an extensive repository of different kinds of multimedia content like audio and video clips, short films, etc. 

How to Use Virtual Learning Environment ?

Students who are studying in colleges under Delhi University can use the Virtual Learning Environment portal. Follow the steps below to use VLE:


1.    Visit Delhi University official Website for VLE

2.    Click on the “Login” 

3.    Fill the given form by providing accurate details of username and password in the given fields.

4.    Click on the “Remember Username” box for easy access in the future.

5.    Click on “Login”.

6.    Choose the course category to be viewed.

7.    Search for the course to view the lesson.

8.    Click on the relevant course.


9.    The lessons for the chosen course will be available for students to use at any point of time. 

DU Official Website Details:

If you require updated information about Delhi University courses, Admission Procedures, Eligibility Criteria, Cut-Off Percentage, Spot Admission Procedures, etc then visit the DU official Website Given below.




DU  Official Website Links



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DU UG Admission Portal

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DU PG Admission  Portal

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Foreign Students Registry

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Virtual Learning Website

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DU Admission Portal FAQs Related to Admission & Registration

1. How to register for admissions to
undergraduate courses in D.U.?

To register for an undergraduate course in D.U., students can go to the admission portal of the official D.U. Website. There will be some guidelines on the page that students must follow while registering.


2. Is there any online form that needs to be filled after registering for admissions from the admission portal?

No, there is no need for filling any other forms. 


 3. Is it possible to apply for more than one U.G. course on the online portal?

Yes, students can apply to more than one course on
a single form. These courses can be merit-based or entrance test based.


4. Does the registration process have to be repeated if applicants made errors during registration? 

No, the registration process is a onetime process and cannot be repeated. If applicants made any errors, they could edit the information on every page before the payment of registration fee. 


5.  Can information be edited after the payment of fees?

Yes, students can edit any information even after
paying the registration fee. But they will have to pay INR 100 as a correction


6. How to make the payment on the DU UG Admission portal?

Applicants can make the payment online via credit
or debit card, NET Banking or UPI.


7.How to apply through ECA or Sports quota? Is there any additional fee to be paid to apply through the quotas?

An option to apply through the quotas is available on the registration form. To apply for admission under the quota students have to pay an additional fee of INR 100.


8.  Are the ECA and Sports quotas applicable for entrance test based courses?

No, this quota is applicable only for merit-based courses.


9.    Is applying under the ECA or Sports quota possible after paying the registration fee?

No. Applicants have to apply for seats under the quotas before the payment
of registration fees.


10.   Why is it not possible to neither view the application nor pay the registration fee?

To view the application and pay the registration fee, students must ensure that they have filled all mandatory fields and upload all the essential documents.


11. Do students who take gap years have disadvantages?

No, there are no disadvantages for students who take gap years.


12. Is admission based on a first-come, first-serve basis?

Admissions into colleges are not made on a
first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants who have completed the registration
process and meet the eligibility criteria and cut off marks are granted


13.  Can students who have not studied Mathematics in Senior Secondary apply for B.A. (H) Economics / B.Com. (H)/ BMS/BBA(FIA)/ B. A. (H) Business Economics?

      No, the students who have not studied Mathematics in Senior Secondary level are not eligible to apply for these courses.


14. Can admissions into different colleges for different courses be taken after the cut off has been declared?

No, students cannot take admissions simultaneously
into more than one college. If students take admission in different colleges,
The University will cancel all admission.


15.Can students who complete their higher secondary schooling from NIOS get admission into a regular college?

Yes, The D.U. will give admission to these students
if they meet the cut off criteria.


16.   Is it necessary for applicants to have a caste certificate?

Yes, students who apply under the reserved category, like S.C., S.T., OBC, EWS, must produce a caste or tribe certificate. OBC certificates must specify that the applicant belongs to non-creamy layer section. The caste of the applicant should also be listed on the OBC list of the Central Government.


17.Can students whose results have not been declared submit the registration form?

Yes, students whose results have not been declared can submit their registration form. They must ensure to choose the “Awaited” option of the “Results Status” while filling up the registration form.

We hope this article on DU Admission Portal has helped you. If you have any suggestions/clarifications regarding the details  you may visit the Delhi University Official Website http://www.du.ac.in/du/ for updated information.